Let us know that you are informed and stand with us.

Thank You for using your voice and being part of the change. Be sure to follow next steps outlined below.

Kids in School

Take a few minutes to get informed - if you're not already - by reading through our 'Coles Notes' synopsis of the documents in our RESOURCES folder. If you have the capacity, take some time and read through the full documents as well (also included in the RESOURCES folder). We've taken the liberty of downloading and including the documents put out by Public Health Ontario, The Hospital For Sick Children, and the World Health Organization (WHO)


You've taken a look at the resources and likely some of the other stories we've collected and you're ready to use your voice to speak up and advocate for your child(ren). Don't overthink it - but feel free to download the mind map style template created to help you work through the process of writing a letter that will truly resonate with the administration and board trustees.

The key factor in achieving success with this is going to be showing the administrators and board members that, at the end of the day, we're all on the same side. Raising happy and healthy children. 


Make your voice heard

You've made the letter your own and you're ready to hit send.

Send it off to your school's principal and vice-principal. Search your board's trustees and send to the trustee for your region as well as your MP and local MPP. Once you've sent your letter, be sure to send a copy our way (info@kidsvoiceinformedchoice.com)

so we can anonymously include little pieces of all of these extremely important voices as we spread our message of listening to our kids.
(Note: by forwarding your email to us, you are providing us with your consent to use your voice ANONYMOUSLY to strengthen our overall impact)