"The rash on my 6yr old son’s face was so bad, I had to take him out of school on Friday for 3 “mask free” days” (HCDSB)

"Children need interaction – both socially and physically in order to understand their place in this world, grow, adapt and flourish. These needs are no longer being met by the schools.” (WRDSB)

"My JK tells me he doesn’t talk in the school yard because he thinks we shouldn’t talk to anyone because of the virus.” (WRDSB)

Kids Playing

"Having a wet and cold mask on my child’s face for up to 7hrs a day is not reasonable and highly unsanitary.”  (HCDSB)

"My kids (age 5 & 7) are not in school right now – a place they once loved to be. Not because we’re afraid of ‘catching’ Covid-19, but because of everything else that is being done to these children in school.” (WRDSB)

"I removed my 4yr olds mask after school to find dried up blood around his nose and soaked into the mask.”(TDSB)

"My child is 7yrs old and mask exempt. She is kept 2m away from other children. Why does my HEALTHY child have to be in solitary confinement in order to attend school? Does this feel right to you? How is this in the best interest of a child?” (YRDSB)

"Punishing grade 1 children for speaking at lunch without a mask on is psychologically detrimental.” (HCDSB)

"I managed to get an exemption for my JK & Gr. 1, but that just meant a 3 sided plexiglass structure was being installed on their desks!  There has not been 1 case of Covid in my children's school!  Not one. Why make them wear a mask now?  We can't get any closer to zero!” (SCDSB)

"I send my daughter to school with multiple masks and she comes home in the one she’s sent. It’s filthy and disgusting and likely a breeding ground for bacteria.” (DDSB)

"I feel hopeless because even though the data is right in front of us, it seems that the people in authoritative positions are not questioning whether our initial response to this virus was the right response.” (WRDSB)

"We are teaching this generation to be fearful. To conform. Not to question. It’s not OK to speak their minds. Obedience is more important than impact. Where does that leave us as a country?” (WRDSB)

"As a teacher and parent, my issue with masks is improper use. So many students wear them improperly- touching their face constantly to re adjust their mask, continuing to wear the mask once it is wet, and the constant handling of them, especially in the young grades.” (HCDSB)

"My child is in Gr. 2 and mask exempt for ASD. I have been told, “in order to follow the distance requirement she can’t sit in her usual spot. It will also mean that during entry and exit times, recess times and gym times, she will need to be a minimum of two metres from other students.” (YRDSB)

"When the government and then school boards mandated all-day masking and distancing young kids, against the recommendations of Sick Kids, I was floored.” (TDSB)

"My 6yr old has been complaining of headaches and his glasses fogging up because of wearing a mask all day at school.” (HCDSB)

“My 5yr old tells me she is reprimanded or moved to sit elsewhere if she is caught talking to her friend at snack time.” (TDSB)

"Virtual school is not an option for us. Both my kids told me they will bare negative consequences of the mask so they can see their friends. This is not something any child should have to do.” (TDSB)

"My daughter, in Grade 1, cries because she hates wearing a mask and can’t breathe.” (DDSB)

"I picked up my 4yr old and he was wearing a mask that was not his." (TDSB)